Democrats seem resigned in the wake of Biden’s stubborn refusal to step aside and Trump’s high poll numbers. But just waiting around for four years is not an option.
Biden’s signature environmental actions could be reversed if the GOP takes control of the House, Senate and White House. The EPA’s budget could be slashed.
The Republican National Committee and Donald Trump’s campaign have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson over their efforts
About this data Note: Individual poll results are shown as circles for each candidate. Polls with greater weight in the average have larger circles. Some state averages started later in 2024 because of a lack of sufficient early polling. Source: Averages by The New York Times; polls collected by FiveThirtyEight and The Times.
In an abrupt reversal, a majority of commissioners in the Reno, Nevada area voted to certify the results of two local elections, one week after three Republicans on the five-member board blocked the certification.
Polls by “select pollsters” are shown with a diamond. These pollsters have backgrounds that tend to mean they are more reliable. Also, polls that were conducted by or for partisan organizations are labeled, as they often release only results that are favorable to their cause.
A primary el e ction is held 11 weeks before the general election. The primary election is for the purpose of nominating party nominees to be voted for in the general election to fill a national, state, county, or district office, said the Florida Division of Elections.
Former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he has “no regrets” about falsely accusing two Georgia election workers of rigging the 2020 election.